Do women like to buy underwear for their man?

I think buying underwear can be a truly personal experience.  If I’m in an underwear buying mood, I like to take my sweet time.  I hate it when a salesperson is invading my space trying to tell me what underwear they think would look good on me.  It is really creepy to me. 

However, on the flip side, when someone close to me purchases underwear for me, I think it is rather HOT…provided it’s not flannel boxers or tighty whites

I know most of the Disco Valante blog entries are directly targeted to men however, there are a few ladies that read this blog. 

Ladies do you like to buy underwear for your man? Is there a sense of hot sexual anticipation of buying your boy toy a new pair of briefs? Or is it, if you don`t buy them, that lazy bastard would keep wearing the same ratty ones with holes?

Fellas, do you like it when your lady buys underwear for you? Is there something arousing about your lady thinking about your little soldier enough to make sure he is well clothed? Or is she trying to control every aspect of your life including what underwear you put on?

Disco Valante wants to know how you feel. 

Also, for my gay readers, do you like your partner buying you underwear?



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3 responses to “Do women like to buy underwear for their man?

  1. I’ll buy you some sexy briefs… only you buy me something too..

    Funny we posted these entries on the same day!

  2. My favorite part about getting underwear as a gift is that the person who bought them probably already has a mental image of me in them…and he liked what he saw.

    By the way, the pics you choose to go with your stories are so freakin’ hot.

  3. i always buy underwear for my man

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