Can a guy be charming, attractive, and intelligent without being gay?

I’m always being branded or questioned about my sexuality because of my attention to detail when it comes to my appearance, wardrobe, and exceedingly good manners…starting a men’s underwear company also raises a few eye brows of suspicion. 

I stumbled onto this Venn diagram a woman posted on her blog.  Then it made me think…I’m charming.  I’m attractive.  I’m intelligent.  Does that mean I’m…GAY?  Sorry, ladies, I’m playing for the other team now!  Mothers, lock your sons away Disco Valante is on the prowl.  🙂

I know most, if not all, my readers are gay.  I think that is truly awesome that I have a gay male following!  And since living in Washington, DC and starting this underwear company the number of gays friends that I have has grown exponentially.   However, aren’t men individuals?  What does sexuality have to do with emotional or social traits?

Is this trio of traits really definitive of a gay man?  Do rainbow flags of suspicion go off if a man is a good looking gentleman?  I want to hear from all my guys out there who are “experienced” in this subject.

Isn’t this a slap in the face to the straight guy who is a sincere gentleman?

Fine tune your “Gaydar” and tell Disco Valante you think.



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7 responses to “Can a guy be charming, attractive, and intelligent without being gay?

  1. B

    I get this all the time

    I dress to impress. All the time!
    My hair is long and flawless. I spend more time on it than anyone I know.

    I’m a figure skater, ice dancer, singer.

    I own more thongs than any female I know.

    My manners are superb.


    It does hurt when you get labeled for the things you do…For being yourself..

    I am the new wave gentleman.

  2. Tom

    I get this too. Often, my closer friends tell me about how someone who met me asked them later about my sexual orientation and it’s almost always because the person said they were thrown off by the way I dress, my personality in general, or my best efforts to produce a polished look.

    I guess in Simi Valley, CA, any man who isn’t wearing sweatpants and a promotional t-shirt that they got for free at the last chili cook-off is a homosexual.

  3. “Can a guy be charming, attractive, and intelligent without being gay?”

    What a silly question, ofcourse that guy must be gay 😛

    Just kiddin’, there are as many straight men to prove the contrary, as there are queers who dress badly, are rude, dumb and ugly. Those gays exist too (unfortunately :P)

  4. Ovidiu

    Yep.. I also have the same problem…
    I’m a pro dancer, also an actor, a musician (vocal and saxophone), a writer with some awards here too. Also have a lot of clothes, accessories and a lot of people think that I’m gay. No, I’m not 🙂

    But if I were gay? Come on! We are all man, what is the problem if we like to look good?

  5. vampire_wolf

    I have encountered this problem before. However, in my case they would be right. I try my best to be a gentleman, dress nicely and be caring. But I am gay….There is nothing wrong with men that do all these things that are straight. They are just a better catch for the women that hook them!

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