Thou shalt not skydive in tighty whities, unless you are Tomo!

This is my good friend, Naotomo Umewaka, who I first met him when I used to live in Japan.  This half Japanese, half Labanonese guy is a crazy dude with a big heart.  Tomo is a Temple University student trying to become a film director. 

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I really dislike tighty whities.  However, I will let them pass this time because Tomo wore them with much swagger during his sky diving trip in Hawaii.

Below I have added some prep shots of him getting ready and then executing his dive. 

Also don’t worry, he’s 21.  Even though he looks like he is 14 when not sportin’ a beard.



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7 responses to “Thou shalt not skydive in tighty whities, unless you are Tomo!

  1. damontucker

    I feel sorry for the instructor!

  2. Such a nice friend to have,so cool in tighty whities, and smart too . Do i see ajock under his briefs? See, smart! later.

  3. Why feel sorry… ? Wood be so fun…

  4. Try a jock strap next….. wild.

  5. just buy them in black. it makes such a big difference!

  6. victor yates

    i need new friends..seriously. they aren’t that adventurous.

  7. Chris

    Haha! Tomo is one crazy SOB, but also a genuinely nice guy. One of those burn half as long but twice as bright types, for real. I have a feeling that if he doesn’t die early (distinct possibility), we’ll be seeing a lot more from him in the media!

    He’ll be going to Temple University in Philly for spring 2009. Treat him well, America!

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