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50,000 and going strong!


Thanx everyone for coming to my blog in anticipation of the Disco Valante clothing line launch in Decemeber (fingers crossed).  The DV blog has soared with over 50,000 hits.  Not bad for a guy who has never read or made a blog prior to this venture.

It has been a long road of setbacks and delays.  I’m actually headed to the mail carrier office to pick up a package of samples from China.  These samples are possibly the last samples I will view before I give authorization to proceed with production.  (fingers crossed…again)

I know my blogging has cooled down since the summer months but with the combination of clothing line preparation, my real job (military officer), looking for another steady job until DV can support me, and a new project I’ve been working on (that I will reveal after the Thanksgiving Holiday) I’ve been a busy boy.

Thanx again and it won’t be long until you are wearing Disco Valante!



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Furry peach booty


Lately, I’ve been on removing all the hair from my chest and manicuring the family “jewels”.  I know I walk the fine line between meticulous metro-sexual image maintenance and pyscho-boy narcissistic behavior but until recently I had limits to how far I would go.

I was in the gym the other day and this guy walked in front of me as I sat down in front of my locker and he had this dense ass hair forest growing on his back side.  With utter disgust, I immediately wondered about the fur on my onion booty.  I never really have had any desire to shave my ass but now I’m thinking of adding a regular buzz cut to my backside into my regular grooming routine. 

Is shaving every part of your body that makes you distinguishable as a man going overboard?  Or is being a slave to what’s “in” just apart of being sexy? 

This is the first poll I have created for this blog and I want to test it out.  So take 2 seconds and log your vote.

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Guys showing off their underwear


In the last 15 – 20 years, hip hop stars have made exposing your underwear a common and cool trend in America.  Sagging pants began in American prisons, where oversized uniforms were issued without belts to prevent suicide and their use as weapons.  The style spread through rappers and music videos from the ghetto to the suburbs.  Now, everyone does it.  This infectious style of pants wear and underwear exposure is displayed by twink skater guys, trendy streetwear fellas, pastel colored polo wearing suburban kids and even Japanese school boys. 

Is it ok to show a bit of underwear or is it vulgar?  I would be truly excited if I wear walking down the street or in a club and I saw some guy exposing his Disco Valante underwear to see…but I have a personal and professional interest in free publicity. 

Some conservative American communities have gone as far as rewarding fines to guys who expose their underwear. 

Is there something arousing in seeing a hint of waistband and fabric rising atop a guy’s jeans and exposing a closer look at his onion booty? 

Or has this fashion statement outlived it’s time and should guys return to non-low waist trousers that give aid to such underwear exposure?  Or does it really depend on how hot the guy is if it is acceptable?  🙂


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Black guy with killer body

Confidence is king!

Confidence is like an invisible coat that everyone can see.  People know if you’ve got it or don’t.  The guy who has that swagger in his step, the dude that has the ability to command a room while wearing a plain white T, jeans and flip flops, or the bloke that can move mountains with his mind. 

In these trying times of me leaving a career that I’ve been doing for just over a decade and starting a clothing company, confidence is my greatest asset.  I have unshakable belief in myself and Disco Valante.  I would kick you in your teeth before I let you throw water on the flames of my dream.

Confidence can get you through those difficult moments where extreme intelligence, money or good looks may fail you.  Too bad we don’t put as much emphasis on our inner strength as we do our outer strength.

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