Black guy with killer body

Confidence is king!

Confidence is like an invisible coat that everyone can see.  People know if you’ve got it or don’t.  The guy who has that swagger in his step, the dude that has the ability to command a room while wearing a plain white T, jeans and flip flops, or the bloke that can move mountains with his mind. 

In these trying times of me leaving a career that I’ve been doing for just over a decade and starting a clothing company, confidence is my greatest asset.  I have unshakable belief in myself and Disco Valante.  I would kick you in your teeth before I let you throw water on the flames of my dream.

Confidence can get you through those difficult moments where extreme intelligence, money or good looks may fail you.  Too bad we don’t put as much emphasis on our inner strength as we do our outer strength.


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