Furry peach booty


Lately, I’ve been on removing all the hair from my chest and manicuring the family “jewels”.  I know I walk the fine line between meticulous metro-sexual image maintenance and pyscho-boy narcissistic behavior but until recently I had limits to how far I would go.

I was in the gym the other day and this guy walked in front of me as I sat down in front of my locker and he had this dense ass hair forest growing on his back side.  With utter disgust, I immediately wondered about the fur on my onion booty.  I never really have had any desire to shave my ass but now I’m thinking of adding a regular buzz cut to my backside into my regular grooming routine. 

Is shaving every part of your body that makes you distinguishable as a man going overboard?  Or is being a slave to what’s “in” just apart of being sexy? 

This is the first poll I have created for this blog and I want to test it out.  So take 2 seconds and log your vote.


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  1. this is a personal subject for me. i inherited my father’s hairiness and it took me a long time to become comfortable with it. I’m 32 years old now so it came with the growth out of my 20s. Fortunately, I don’t have to adjust too much because I work out. Only a handful of guys, in my entire gay life, have turned me down due to the hair on my chest or my butt or my legs. I often wonder how I would really feel as a gay man who wasn’t so attractive and was hairy…I’m sure I would feel differently in some aspect. Anyway, I’m good. I don’t shave constantly like I did at age 21. At age 25, I shaved only once a week (just ass, inside legs and chest since I do have a few broad bald spots mostly on arms and legs). Now, I only shave it low about once a month (not completely bald). It makes me even more distinct and I’ve grown used to the attention lol…and no, I DO NOT HAVE A HAIRY BACK…lol

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