50,000 and going strong!


Thanx everyone for coming to my blog in anticipation of the Disco Valante clothing line launch in Decemeber (fingers crossed).  The DV blog has soared with over 50,000 hits.  Not bad for a guy who has never read or made a blog prior to this venture.

It has been a long road of setbacks and delays.  I’m actually headed to the mail carrier office to pick up a package of samples from China.  These samples are possibly the last samples I will view before I give authorization to proceed with production.  (fingers crossed…again)

I know my blogging has cooled down since the summer months but with the combination of clothing line preparation, my real job (military officer), looking for another steady job until DV can support me, and a new project I’ve been working on (that I will reveal after the Thanksgiving Holiday) I’ve been a busy boy.

Thanx again and it won’t be long until you are wearing Disco Valante!



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4 responses to “50,000 and going strong!

  1. So proud of you, buddy! Can’t wait to see your fantastic designs…you know to keep me posted so that I can tell the world.

  2. Thanx! I can always count on GayListDaily.com. If you haven’t checked out their e-publication, please do.

    I will be contacting you, GLD, shortly to colaborate on my next project.

  3. Alex

    I have left numerous comments here in the past that have not been posted. You obviously monitor the comments that are put up here and reject any that you don’t conform to the positive promotion of your brand. Not posting comments is not a smart move. I have a very popular underwear blog and when you line is launched I am going to do tell all how you refuse to display conflicting opinions on your blog. If you want to play the BS game on the internet be aware there are always others watching ready to expose the truth.

    • Alex,

      I don’t mind posting comments different from my own thoughts but I do not post hostile comments. I will address your comments and complaints in a seperate blog entry. Thank you for reading my blog.


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