Does Disco Valante censor his reader’s comments?


I would like to post a comment from Alex, a reader of my blog:

I have left numerous comments here in the past that have not been posted. You obviously monitor the comments that are put up here and reject any that you don’t conform to the positive promotion of your brand. Not posting comments is not a smart move. I have a very popular underwear blog and when you line is launched I am going to do tell all how you refuse to display conflicting opinions on your blog. If you want to play the BS game on the internet be aware there are always others watching ready to expose the truth.

Yes ,Alex I do monitor the comments of my blog.  I must often filter or delete comments that are inappropriate or rude.  If you read through this blog, you will find comments I post from readers that are in direct conflict with my own sense of taste, style and opinion.  I welcome healthy, respectful, and constructive criticism. 

However, I won’t tolerate internet tough guys who emote negativity and get their kicks from pushing around people in cyber space.  If you wish to bad mouth me on your blog, I can’t stop you.  If you are a fellow blogger, please send me your blog address and allow my readers the chance to view your work. 

You are always welcomed on the Disco Valante blog as long as respect is at the foundation of your contribution of this web community.



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2 responses to “Does Disco Valante censor his reader’s comments?

  1. Alex

    My comments have neither been negative or rude. They have been my own expressive opinions. By deleting opinionated messages you are acting against freedom of speech. I would like to know what your guidelines are (and where you got them) for deciding whether a message is “inappropriate”. If the decision is based solely on your own thoughts and feelings then I would say you are being biased. How about you post a copy of your censorship guidelines here, just to be fair.

  2. Jeff

    I think Alex needs to “just chill.” First of all, Disco Valante isn’t a “Blogging” company…Disco Valante is a company selling sexy-ass underware. It is nice that Disco provides a section on HIS website that allows potential customers to comment on certain topics. In fact, I commend him and the contributors for how successful and entertaining they have been.

    Even though this country represents freedom of speech, this blog is still a product of the Disco Valante website. And since IT IS the company’s website (and not yours Alex), Disco has every right to publish what he wishes. If he feels like certain comments/opinions should not be posted, then they won’t. In fact, I would be suprised and shocked if Disco allowed comments to be published that didn’t promote this company, were in any way deconstructive to the blog topics or it’s comments, or weren’t in line with the business visions and philosophy of the owner. So, that being said, I hope Alex would apply some common sense towards his/her opinions to figure out why the comments weren’t published.

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