Jock Muscle is here!


 Jock Muscle has launched today!  For all my gym rats out there, there is a new sports nutrition company like no other. 

Jock Muscle, a small boutique sports nutrition company, features an opening line of protein powders to help you achieve the body you have always wanted.  Marketed as a funky and ultra hip brand, Jock Muscle, appeals not only to your physical fitness but your superficial desire to look good naked.  Isn’t that what is all about?  The long hours in the gym, the dieting, and pushing your body to the limit and beyond…looking good naked. 

Supplement your workouts and dieting with Jock Muscle and you’ll experience results that will make your ex-lover sorry they ever left you.

Disco Valante will now be getting all its workout tips exclusively from Jock Muscle and their blog.  Please visit Jock Muscle, buy lots of protein, and get your body sexier than ever!


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