Locker room protocol

Maybe it has been my naiviety over the last few years but are gym locker rooms really that gay or is it because I have engulfed myself into the gay physce with the start of this underwear company that a whole new world has unfolded.

I feel like I see this whole new world of man-on-man sexual under current that exists.  I notice how some men take unusually long to put on their clothes, want to talk to you while you are undressing, or stare at you through the mirrors.  I never really paid much attention before but now everything is gay to me.  (By the way, why do my gay friends insist everybody they see walking down the street is gay?)

Am I just imagining this because I never noticed such behavior before.

I asked my non-hetero friends about guys at the gym and I have heard stories that my innocent ears weren’t old enough to hear.  However, could I capitalize on this?  Should I take extra long walks through the locker room sporting my Disco Valante underwear while sipping Jock Muscle shakes and accept those creepy comments from old guys of “I think your underwear is hot” and then drop a business card or company flyer in their hand?

Do anyone have any locker room stories of  bad protocol at their gym?  Any good stories to share with the DV blog readers?


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