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Jock Muscle Posts


Jock Muscle writes about gearing up your mind for a better body.  Please check the post out and browse through their webshop.

Now, you can also get automatic email updates and RSS feeds from the Jock Muscle blog.


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Bad ass, mutherfucking friends!!!


You need people in your life that are blockers.  Blockers are people that get out and defend you from bullshit.  Erik (aka Straight-ish Boy) and Steven (aka Hazel Eyes) are my blockers.

These two men have been my protectors from negativity.  I would love to say that the road to Disco Valante has been easy but it has not.  Whenever I’m feeling down or some asshole wants to cast doubt on the success of Disco Valante, these bad ass, mutherfuckers come to my rescue by ripping “Doubt” a new asshole.

Steven (right) is living in Sicily now but he frequently calls to make sure I’m emotionally centered and Erik (left) always makes sure my mind is on the task of success.  Erik sent me a most encouraging postcard from Guam last week.  I was really touched.  I almost cried (shhh don’t tell anybody).

If you don’t have friends like them, get some.

I love you guys.


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Disco Valante Status Update


Disco Valante is another step closer.  Today, the shipment arrive at the inventory warehouse on Friday.  They must count thousands of pairs of underwear to ensure the proper amount.  This will take a few days.

The photographer is retouching the photos and will be completed by next Tuesday.

The web designer is working hard on flash pieces of the website and adding content.

The graphic designer is brainstorming on the loads of banners I will have spread throughout the internet.

This is my Dream Team.  These are the individuals that have helped me craft Disco Valante for the long anticipated launch.  I must admit, at times I didn’t know it was really going to happen.  Delay after delay and money concerns have been obstacles in my way.  I have come too far to quit.

To anybody who wants to start their own business, please know nothing goes as planned in the beginning.

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Ass Out Underwear


I love underwear…I love buying it.  I love wearing it.  And I love starting a company selling it.

However, there are some creations I just cannot wear.  The ass-less underwear really isn`t my thing.  Can anyone tell me the purpose, if there is one?  My mind immediately races toward novelty underwear for that guy looking to play dirty with a stranger in the night club bathroom.  But are there any guys that just like to have their asses out in the breeze.

Disco Valante wants to know what you think about ass-less underwear?


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Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2009










Those hot Brazilian’s are up to it again.  On 17FEB09, Brazil celebrated it’s National Underwear Day in Braslia.  I’m sure you are so caught up in the pics that you will fail to read what I write.  ENJOY!

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Skinny jeans are a must!


Over the last year or so skinny jeans have become very fashionable in the US.  I must admit I originally didn’t like the look.  However, I am a skinny jeans fanatic.  Because I work out, I love the way my legs show off in them.

Wearing skinny jeans can be difficult if

1.  You have an onion booty.

2.  You have super huge quads.

If these are your problems, I would only try on skinny jeans that are partly made with spandex.

I know there are loads of people that say skinny jeans don’t look good on guys.  I definitely think you can go overboard with the tightness such as the following pic.


There is a fine line.  Here are some signs to help you gauge if your jeans are too tight.

1.  Your balls ache

2.  You have problems sitting or bending your legs.

3.  The buttons are going to rip off if you squat on the floor.

4.  Your butt or package looks smashed.

5.  You need assistance putting them on and taking them off.

6.  People can see the veins in your dick.

What is your take on men wearing skinny jeans?  If you have some pics of yourself rocking out skinny jeans, send them to us and we’ll post them in support of this topic.


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Disco Valante Update 16FEB09


I think I will help those trying to get their own dreams off the ground and start to blog more about the business side of the Disco Valante.

As of now, the shipment has passed customs and has been sitting in California since last Saturday.  I have made a mistake and had the bill of lading sent to me in Washington, DC instead of the freight forwarder in California.  This small detail will cost me about $20 extra a day and delay the inventory process at my warehouse facility.

A bill of lading (sometimes referred to as a B/L) is a document issued by a carrier, e.g. a company’s shipping department, acknowledging that specified goods have been received on board as cargo for conveyance to a named place for delivery to the consignee who is usually identified.

Tomorrow morning, I will wake up first thing in the morning and overnight ship the original bill of lading to freight forwarder.  Hopefully, the DV shipment will be ready for transport on Wednesday.

I have gotten several emails in the last few days inquiring about the launch.  The launch date is not firm and I don’t want to commit to a date and dissappoint you guys (again).

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