Disco Valante Update

Disco Valante Online Screen Shot

Well boys and boys,

The shipment from my Chinese manufacturer arrived on Saturday in California.  The lot of Disco Valante underwear is going through customs right now.  (I am clicking my heels as I am jumping up and down)

The graphic design for the NEW look of the DV website was completed this weekend.  I decided that the intro page (pic above) that you guys have been viewing for the last year isn’t the direction I want to take the DV web presence.  My graphic designer, from the Netherlands, has worked long and hard on making the webshop look and feel better than any other underwear company out there today.  I am debating on releasing a sneek peek of the new web design but if you’ve waited a almost a year another two weeks won’t hurt. 🙂

Also, the technical build out of the website will start today.

There are still a few kinks to work out with the warehousing situation but I know we can remedy the situation.

I want to thank all the people that email asking when the site will launch.  I know I have pushed back the launch on several occasions but now it WILL happen.

Disco Valante



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3 responses to “Disco Valante Update

  1. Mike

    Love the pic; you know Style, my Friend!
    You will do well!

  2. Mike,

    Thanx very much for your confidence in me.

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