Skinny jeans are a must!


Over the last year or so skinny jeans have become very fashionable in the US.  I must admit I originally didn’t like the look.  However, I am a skinny jeans fanatic.  Because I work out, I love the way my legs show off in them.

Wearing skinny jeans can be difficult if

1.  You have an onion booty.

2.  You have super huge quads.

If these are your problems, I would only try on skinny jeans that are partly made with spandex.

I know there are loads of people that say skinny jeans don’t look good on guys.  I definitely think you can go overboard with the tightness such as the following pic.


There is a fine line.  Here are some signs to help you gauge if your jeans are too tight.

1.  Your balls ache

2.  You have problems sitting or bending your legs.

3.  The buttons are going to rip off if you squat on the floor.

4.  Your butt or package looks smashed.

5.  You need assistance putting them on and taking them off.

6.  People can see the veins in your dick.

What is your take on men wearing skinny jeans?  If you have some pics of yourself rocking out skinny jeans, send them to us and we’ll post them in support of this topic.



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8 responses to “Skinny jeans are a must!

  1. There isn’t enough money in the world to get me to rock a pair of these jeans. I don’t care how ‘fierce’ they are.


  2. Tuffie,

    Skinny jeans are so cool. I’ll get you in a pair and then you’ll thank me.

  3. all men who wear these pants are making themselves sterile. Good.

  4. Munky

    What grosses me out most about the emo guys in these jeans is that they are skinny, and yet flabby. How do you DO that??

  5. Uniden

    I used to wear trip pants, but i changed my ways…SKINNY jeans are the most fashionable item ever invented. girls have always been able to show off what they’ve got, well men, it’s time to show them what we’ve got(note:if your are fat beware of skinny jeans, also make sure they are made with some spandex).P.S SKINNY jeans are the shizzle!

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  7. abraham

    those things hurt my balls too much, but i just LOVE wearing them

  8. abraham

    skinny jeans hurt my balls too much, but i just LOVE to wear them

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