Ass Out Underwear


I love underwear…I love buying it.  I love wearing it.  And I love starting a company selling it.

However, there are some creations I just cannot wear.  The ass-less underwear really isn`t my thing.  Can anyone tell me the purpose, if there is one?  My mind immediately races toward novelty underwear for that guy looking to play dirty with a stranger in the night club bathroom.  But are there any guys that just like to have their asses out in the breeze.

Disco Valante wants to know what you think about ass-less underwear?



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7 responses to “Ass Out Underwear

  1. Mike

    Assless Underwear??? Perhaps it is for the guys who want the support of a jockstrap without the uncovered elastic band? Perhaps it is designed for the guys who are afraid of the thong up their ass crack?

    I think this assless underwear thing will likely go nowhere. Jockstraps and Thongs are already assless…

  2. I suppose it’s for playing a bit dirty…

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  4. Hey DV

    I’m fine, thanks! I’ve started a new blog recently, and just posted about your enterprise. 🙂

    Yes I know all about playing it dirty, bu don’t we all 😉 ?

    And no, I don’t wear ass-out underwear, I don’t like the feel of it…

  5. I have always assumed that the ass-less underwear was more about feeling sexy and playing dirty. They are kinky and different. I do not think that they will become the new crazy but I personaly find them very erotic. Imagine picking up a businessman at Happy Hour, going back to his place and finding that under that navy pinstriped suit he is wearing a pair of these. MMMM…to me that would be very sexy. Again, I really think it is about the fantasy and feeling sexy.

  6. Keith

    I think they are hot. Not bathroom stranger hot, but let’s play slutty boyfriend hot 😉

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