Bad ass, mutherfucking friends!!!


You need people in your life that are blockers.  Blockers are people that get out and defend you from bullshit.  Erik (aka Straight-ish Boy) and Steven (aka Hazel Eyes) are my blockers.

These two men have been my protectors from negativity.  I would love to say that the road to Disco Valante has been easy but it has not.  Whenever I’m feeling down or some asshole wants to cast doubt on the success of Disco Valante, these bad ass, mutherfuckers come to my rescue by ripping “Doubt” a new asshole.

Steven (right) is living in Sicily now but he frequently calls to make sure I’m emotionally centered and Erik (left) always makes sure my mind is on the task of success.  Erik sent me a most encouraging postcard from Guam last week.  I was really touched.  I almost cried (shhh don’t tell anybody).

If you don’t have friends like them, get some.

I love you guys.



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2 responses to “Bad ass, mutherfucking friends!!!

  1. Erik MotherFucking Spalding

    My dear Cass…. That postcard reached you from a little Island called Boracay… Even more exotic then my Tropical Home… but cheaper 🙂

  2. I’ve had issues with that as well.. I even wrote a blog entry to help people in that situation as well.. Hope that helps!

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