The shame of Tighty Whities


How can a guy over the age of 12 wear tighty whities?  I just don’t get the obsessions some people have with this ultra plain undergarment.  I keep seeing guys at the gym wearing these waist high kiddy underpants and thinking, “WHY?”.

Let me hear it Disco Valante blog readers.   “Why the fascination?”



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9 responses to “The shame of Tighty Whities

  1. mike

    Tighty Whiteys, like every other form of underwear, is worn for one or more of 3 reasons: Comfort, Style, or Fetish. Take your pick. Open your mind wider, live outside the box, experience “the unknown,” and try it.
    (I wear all styles, each one has a different reason)

  2. Tim

    I have a fetish w/ tighty-whities (look sexy), but i also wear boxer-briefs (still tight, less of my thigh shows)

  3. I have worn them my whole life. Love the feel, but get made fun of lots because of them. I have tried boxers and they are so uncomfortable and let your *stuff* hang out. Briefs are ok I guess, but I always stick with tighty whiteys

  4. David

    I wear them because my boys need a good home.

  5. Vince

    I don’t really see any problem in wearing them. Its just underwear to me and nothing more. Plus its comfy 🙂

  6. Brian

    I’m gay and I love the feel of tightywhities, the way they hold your package just right. I tried boxers but whenever I saw a cute guy I would get hardon and I was afraid that it had shown to much so I switiched back. I live them! 😀

  7. Aaron

    I really dont mind seeing others with them on. I love the model in this

  8. Mikey

    OK I admit, I have a huge overpowering Tighty Whitie fetish. Worn correctly by the right guy is ultra sexy. If it was all I wore all the time, just briefs (FTLs), boots and a smile I would….and have. Hot.

  9. I have always worn tighty whities. boxers are very uncomfortable and are way too loose. the whole point of underwear is to be tight to the body ad give support. the elastic legs are better then the long legs in boxers. most people i know wear briefs as well. girls wouldnt wear boxers because thet are uncomfortable and guys only wear them becasuse they think they are ‘cool’. most guys wear briefs because they are proper underwear.

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