Gregory Partsinevelos: The face of Disco Valante


Everyone has been asking me, “Who is the hot guy on the Disco Valante website?”.

Gregory Partsinevelos is the model for Disco Valante.  He was born and raised in Astoria, New York and presently works out of New York City.  I immediately knew this 25 year old half Greek, half Peurto Rican was the right guy for Disco Valante.  The dynamic difference of his handsome baby face paired with all those tattoos made him the perfect choice for me.  And yes, those are all real tattoos!  I think his unique and sexy look will ultimately carry this brand to success in it’s first year.

Greg was a pleasure to work with during the photo shoot.  Not only is he a true professional, but he’s also a very nice guy.  We actually still keep in contact.

I have always felt it is not only important for me to succeed but necessary, as a friend, to help those around me to succeed too.  Therefore, if anyone is looking for a model or an actor, please contact Greg.  You won’t regret it.



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4 responses to “Gregory Partsinevelos: The face of Disco Valante

  1. cool post thanks for sharing… peace from Sydney Australia

  2. RocketRoxit

    I agree, your model Gregory will certainly drive your sales to complete success. I think he makes me feel as if I will be a badass in the “not for pussies” and in the “Chinese Fuck Me” (which are my favorite). I would love to see all of the greats in different colors, certainly the Chinese Fuck Me’s in any and every color (especially army green (yea that’s right- I said it!!!). They will undoubtedly look hot. Think about it. Until then, I’ll be sure to spread the hot DV word 🙂

  3. debora

    doppio wow
    vorrei ricevere foto dei ragazzi tipo nicolas wagner

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