About Disco Valante Clothing

This blog documents the creation of a super cool men’s underwear and Tshirt clothing label, Disco Valante. Worldwide launch is winter 2008! Disco Valante is where fashion, fitness, and music fuse to create style.

Since new production events are not always transpiring on a daily basis, I will be writing entries on various fashionable topics. Subject matter will range from clothing, health, music, and events pertaining to a man’s personal style. Hope you enjoy this blog until the launch.

Don’t forget to bookmark, www.discovalante.com. The site is not complete and will not be available until March 2009 however you can register your email address there and get updated on the winter launch.


8 responses to “About Disco Valante Clothing

  1. vgohyk

    Hey. Thanks for the comment in my blog. I was a little surprise that I do have a international reader to chance upon my blog.

    What can I say? Your blog is wonderful (well, probably because I love fashion and has a fashion website at http://the-vag.com too) and I simply can’t wait for your launch in Sept 08. Do keep me in the loop!

  2. Hey man, Cool blog! It’s hot 😛 Good luck on starting up your own clothing company.

    BustB!G and live your dreams,

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for commenting in the GAY.CAT blog!
    I wish you well with your clothes company and I hope we see your clothes soon in the streets of Barcelona. And worlwide, of course!


  4. Hey Disco

    great blog, really love it!!! I am excited about your venture and cannot wait to see your collection. dklozet offers designer men’s underwear, swimwear and more – really hot stuff 😉 so let me know and I hope to receive your samples and offer your line at dklozet

    Be Funky!!!
    Lubosh from dklozet

  5. I love your site. Keep it up !

  6. i visited your site but had to close the window immediately when that awful music started up.

  7. kasse

    it is perfect

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