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Our buddies at


My friend Trey Cruz, a Disco Valante blog reader and super fan of Straight-ish Boy, has showed the Disco Valante much love by blogging about us on his website POPWIRED.

Formerly, POPWIRED is a “Heterosexually Challenged” media blog.  It featured the hottest topics in the GLBT world.  The new blog design is really cool.

Please show them some love and check out POPWIRED!


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Bad ass, mutherfucking friends!!!


You need people in your life that are blockers.  Blockers are people that get out and defend you from bullshit.  Erik (aka Straight-ish Boy) and Steven (aka Hazel Eyes) are my blockers.

These two men have been my protectors from negativity.  I would love to say that the road to Disco Valante has been easy but it has not.  Whenever I’m feeling down or some asshole wants to cast doubt on the success of Disco Valante, these bad ass, mutherfuckers come to my rescue by ripping “Doubt” a new asshole.

Steven (right) is living in Sicily now but he frequently calls to make sure I’m emotionally centered and Erik (left) always makes sure my mind is on the task of success.  Erik sent me a most encouraging postcard from Guam last week.  I was really touched.  I almost cried (shhh don’t tell anybody).

If you don’t have friends like them, get some.

I love you guys.


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Hazel Eyes and Straight-ish boy are as straight as a crooked line!

I constantly get emails of people wanting to see the fantasy of military guys going gay for each other.  In my endless effort to exploit my best friends for my professional and financial gain, here you go. Look how natural these two are sportin Speedos and applying sun tan lotion in the hot summer sun.

Calm down Disco Valante blog readers! Hazel Eyes and Straight-ish boy are strictly for the ladies…as far as I know. But you know what my gay friends say, “The only difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is a couple of beers. 🙂

These two complete my three-some “bro-mance”. I affectionately think of Steven and Erik as my brothers. They are possibly the two most free spirits I know. They have always been supportive of me and I love them for that.

To Steven: “Kings to me!” – inside joke

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Metrosexual “Straight”-ish boy kills negativity

At the core of a man’s personal style is his ability to have healthy relationships.  I was just thinking about my friend and the amount of support he has given me over the years.

For those who have been reading this blog, will recognize Disco Valante’s best friend, Erik (aka “Straight”-ish boy). Erik, a US Navy military officer, is deployed in South East Asia.

He’s my sounding board for all of my entrepreneurial and life goals.  We push each other to be the best.  While traveling through this life it is great to have a friend brother like Erik.

If you don’t currently surround yourself with people who are positive and really want to see you do well, then you should weed those people out of your life. There are only two things any person can ever do for you…push you up or bring you down!

Negative people are poison, especially negative people who are close to you because you value their opinion no matter how wrong it is.  Conversely, you should always try to be positive and not belittle other people’s work, dreams, or thoughts with your negativity.

Always wish people the best and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism when trying to help others.  Being stylish is more than just having cool clothes and nice hair cut, it’s about being a gentleman on all levels, physically and emotionally.

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Erik’s “Brazil”-ian Booty

My best friend Erik just randomly sent me a pic to post on this blog. I thought to myself, “How strange”. Don’t you think? The fact of the matter is this straight-ish boy loves the attention of all his gay admirers. Since I have no objections to exploiting my brother for financial gain and notoriety, I decided to display him and his “Brazil” underwear.

Additionally, I must congratulate Erik. Today, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. It seemed like only yesterday that we were at the Naval Academy. As a senior, I took this young underclassman under my wing to groom him into the fine naval officer he is today.

Congrats again, Erik! Love you!

Check out Erik getting electrocuted during training today.


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Trey Cruz wants Erik

I’ve featured my best friend Erik in two previous blog entries and I constantly get requests about him on my email. One person has taken a particular interest in Erik (read comment). My friend Trey Cruz of Trey Cruz, a blog about “Pop Culture and Media Gossip at its Gayest” has offered my best bud an exclusive photo shoot offer on his blog! On behalf of Erik, I had to decline the offer because Erik is defending our nation on the beaches of Guam…protecting bars from going out of business. Erik is extremely flattered Trey! He asks you keep him in mind until he returns to the US.

Please visit and read Trey’s fantastic blog!

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Straight(ish) Boy Confesses

Disco Valante lets his best friend give his candid confession of being borderline gay.

“I thought a guy that is into fashion, into facials and spas was obviously `gay` and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, I soon came to the realization that I was absolutely wrong. Although I am not rushing to have apple martinis (I prefer peach mojitos) and facials after a night of clubbing at the `in` crowd bars, I realized that I am (I cannot believe I am about to say this), a closet metrosexual. At first it was somewhat of a shock but as I further delved into my soul and bathroom, I realized that I do get a haircut more than once a month and I usually ask for the latest Beckham or Zac Efron style, I buy GQ to see the latest styles, I have more cologne then necessary, I like art and theatre and I actually like shopping. I know I am definitely straight-(ish) so the conclusion is that I am obviously metrosexual. Probably not a full fledged metrosexual but clearly on my way.”

Erik is a good buddy for being apart of my blog and allowing me to make fun of him. Hard to believe but Erik isn’t a model. He’s actually an officer in the US Navy working as an Explosive Ordanance and Disposal Officer…he builds and disables bombs!


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