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Our buddies at


My friend Trey Cruz, a Disco Valante blog reader and super fan of Straight-ish Boy, has showed the Disco Valante much love by blogging about us on his website POPWIRED.

Formerly, POPWIRED is a “Heterosexually Challenged” media blog.  It featured the hottest topics in the GLBT world.  The new blog design is really cool.

Please show them some love and check out POPWIRED!


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The Ministry of Pleasure has pleased me!


The UK blog Ministry of Pleasure has taken notice of Disco Valante.  The moderator of this wonderful blog really did some great things with the pics and story of Disco Valante.  They even added music to their post just for me. 🙂

Please show The Ministry of Pleasure some love and visit their blog.  You won’t be dissapointed.

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Homotrophy gives Disco Valante a shout out.


The wonderful guys at HOMOTROPHY have taken notice of Disco Valante.  I would like to thank them several times over for taking the time and energy to talk about the Disco Valante brand.

I love the clean look of this blog with pink text and slight traces of a floral/tree print.

Please show them some love and check them out.

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Disco Valante Update 10MAR09


Well the end is near my friends.  Here is a status of what is happening with Disco Valante.

1.  Photographer finished retouching photos. 🙂

2. Web Designer finishing up.

3. Graphic Designer is making banners for web advertisement.

I am soooo close.  I am currently looking at 20 cartons of underwear that the trucking company just dropped of on my door.  I want to tear the boxes open and roll around in my creation.

I have included another sample image from the photo shoot.  Check out Greg showing a small piece of his booty.  Tell me what you think.

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Thank you to and!




These two wonderful companies have shown me so much support with Disco Valante and Jock Muscle.

GayListDaily covers the hottest products for GBLT consumers and JGUYUSGUY is a social networking site where Japanese and non-Japanese guys can meet.

Please show them much love!

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From Belgium with Love

The Belguim GBLT blog, Dotty Pin Hole, gives their readers a peek at Disco Valante underwear. I want to thank the moderator, Nicolas, for featuring my underwear for all of Europe to see. I can’t wait for my friends across the Atlantic to start sporting Disco Valante.

The pic above is of the 2008 Belgium Lesbian and Gay Pride Event just held on 17MAY.

For those who want to see male beauty, check out Dotty Pin Hole!

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