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Our buddies at


My friend Trey Cruz, a Disco Valante blog reader and super fan of Straight-ish Boy, has showed the Disco Valante much love by blogging about us on his website POPWIRED.

Formerly, POPWIRED is a “Heterosexually Challenged” media blog.  It featured the hottest topics in the GLBT world.  The new blog design is really cool.

Please show them some love and check out POPWIRED!


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From an Aussie with love


Tres Fab Sweeite was kind enough to put Disco Valante on their blog.

Give this Aussie some attention and check him out “down under”.  🙂

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Buttbagg displays Disco Valante


Buttbagg, a blog that features the meatier side of a man’s personality, has taken notice of Disco Valante.

If you find close ups of the male onion booty desirable, then you definitely want to check out their blog.  Please visit them and enjoy.

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Homotrophy gives Disco Valante a shout out.


The wonderful guys at HOMOTROPHY have taken notice of Disco Valante.  I would like to thank them several times over for taking the time and energy to talk about the Disco Valante brand.

I love the clean look of this blog with pink text and slight traces of a floral/tree print.

Please show them some love and check them out.

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Take that bitch!


Disco Valante has launched!  Ironically, I was asleep when it went up.   Please pass it on to your friends.  I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has given me any support.  I would also like to thank all you who doubted my ability and vision…your small minds are what drove me to succeed.

Lastly…BUY, BUY, BUY!!!


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The shame of Tighty Whities


How can a guy over the age of 12 wear tighty whities?  I just don’t get the obsessions some people have with this ultra plain undergarment.  I keep seeing guys at the gym wearing these waist high kiddy underpants and thinking, “WHY?”.

Let me hear it Disco Valante blog readers.   “Why the fascination?”


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Thank you to and!




These two wonderful companies have shown me so much support with Disco Valante and Jock Muscle.

GayListDaily covers the hottest products for GBLT consumers and JGUYUSGUY is a social networking site where Japanese and non-Japanese guys can meet.

Please show them much love!

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