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From an Aussie with love


Tres Fab Sweeite was kind enough to put Disco Valante on their blog.

Give this Aussie some attention and check him out “down under”.  🙂


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Take that bitch!


Disco Valante has launched!  Ironically, I was asleep when it went up.   Please pass it on to your friends.  I would like to thank everyone and anyone who has given me any support.  I would also like to thank all you who doubted my ability and vision…your small minds are what drove me to succeed.

Lastly…BUY, BUY, BUY!!!


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For your eyes only…Disco Valante online underwear store preview!


I’ve changed the direction of the Disco Valante online underwear store.  The pic of the guy is not of the DV model nor are the underwear DV merchandise.  The images are just place holders for web development.

My amazing team has done some outstanding work with graphic design and website production.  The Disco Valante web team is finishing up some shopping cart  issues and we should be launched before the end of the weekend if not sooner.

Please tell me what you think about the homepage of Disco Valante.

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The shame of Tighty Whities


How can a guy over the age of 12 wear tighty whities?  I just don’t get the obsessions some people have with this ultra plain undergarment.  I keep seeing guys at the gym wearing these waist high kiddy underpants and thinking, “WHY?”.

Let me hear it Disco Valante blog readers.   “Why the fascination?”


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Disco Valante Update 10MAR09


Well the end is near my friends.  Here is a status of what is happening with Disco Valante.

1.  Photographer finished retouching photos. 🙂

2. Web Designer finishing up.

3. Graphic Designer is making banners for web advertisement.

I am soooo close.  I am currently looking at 20 cartons of underwear that the trucking company just dropped of on my door.  I want to tear the boxes open and roll around in my creation.

I have included another sample image from the photo shoot.  Check out Greg showing a small piece of his booty.  Tell me what you think.

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Brazil’s National Underwear Day 2009










Those hot Brazilian’s are up to it again.  On 17FEB09, Brazil celebrated it’s National Underwear Day in Braslia.  I’m sure you are so caught up in the pics that you will fail to read what I write.  ENJOY!

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I’m baaacckkkk!!!!



I must apologize.  I have so many things going on at one time.  I have Jock Muscle, I am leaving the military, I am trying to find a new job, and the launch of DISCO VALANTE this month.

It has been a real journey for me getting this clothing line off the ground.  Being stationed in the Middle East, production delays, money problems, production delays, and PRODUCTION DELAYS.  The first run of Disco Valante underwear is now somewhere in the Pacific Ocean on a container ship from Shanghai on its way to Long Beach, California.

I had the photo shoot for DV about two Friday’s ago in New York City.  I didn’t even get to enjoy the cityt.  I took the train from Washington, DC to NYC, walked to the studio, and then returned back to Washington that same night.  The shoot went really well.  The handsome fellow above is not me but he is the face of Disco Valante.  Greg is a up and coming model from New York.

My graphic designer is helping me redesign the look of the DV website now.  Hopefully, we will be finished by tomorrow.

It is amazing that this blog has become so successful…I constantly get inquires for sales via email everyday.  That makes me feel really good about my chances for success.  Keep reading!!!

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