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Our buddies at


My friend Trey Cruz, a Disco Valante blog reader and super fan of Straight-ish Boy, has showed the Disco Valante much love by blogging about us on his website POPWIRED.

Formerly, POPWIRED is a “Heterosexually Challenged” media blog.  It featured the hottest topics in the GLBT world.  The new blog design is really cool.

Please show them some love and check out POPWIRED!


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Trey Cruz wants Erik

I’ve featured my best friend Erik in two previous blog entries and I constantly get requests about him on my email. One person has taken a particular interest in Erik (read comment). My friend Trey Cruz of Trey Cruz, a blog about “Pop Culture and Media Gossip at its Gayest” has offered my best bud an exclusive photo shoot offer on his blog! On behalf of Erik, I had to decline the offer because Erik is defending our nation on the beaches of Guam…protecting bars from going out of business. Erik is extremely flattered Trey! He asks you keep him in mind until he returns to the US.

Please visit and read Trey’s fantastic blog!

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