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Disco Valante and Jock Muscle Partnership

Picture 5

Our friends at Jock Muscle have changed their business a bit.  They have move from the world of sports supplements to SEX TOYS!!!

Jock Muscle does a wonderful job of packaging their products and website in a very cool way!

Please check out their website and buy some toys.  They are running a 20% off everything promotion!  Simply place the discount code, JMXX, in the shopping cart box.  I hope you like!

Jock Muscle…SEX, TOYS, and NASTY FUN!!!

(At this time they only ship to the US and Canada)


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Candid shots of a Disco Valante fan.



Disco Valante fan, Anthony, has sent us some shots of him sporting the Disco Valante “Thug Love” boxers.


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dv shipping flyer

In these trying economic times, Disco Valante is offering a FREE shipping promotion.

US orders of $50 and up – FREE SHIPPING

International orders of $100 and up – FREE SHIPPING

International orders of $75 – $99 – DISCOUNTED $10 SHIPPING


Pass on the word to your friends and help spread the word about this small company.

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Thanx to our friend at the Dotty Pinhole.


The Dotty Pinhole has taken notice of Disco Valante.   Check it out if you are running low on artistic male naked beauty.

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Status Update of Disco Valante 23MAR


Well the first week of business of Disco Valante has been a success.  We have sold out of a few styles and sizes…which was great.  I am getting a lot of feedback from women that are buying for their boyfriends and even themselves.  I really never thought about the ladies making up such a significant portion of the consumer base but their support has turned out to be very positive.

I’m finding Disco Valante is making it’s way onto many blogs around the internet.  This word of mouth promotion is really helping DV succeed.   I appreciate all the support and purchases I have received.  I am currently working on getting into some magazines.  Please pass the web address of Disco Valante to your friends and family.

If there are any suggestions on how to make Disco Valante better, please let me know.  I want this company to be shaped by the consumer’s wants and not my own.


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YVY Online Magazine features Disco Valante


YVY Mag online showcases Disco Valante.  They have a very cool, clean, and very fashionable online magazine.

Please check them out and show them some love.  They are really well put together.

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More cushin’ for the pushin’


Disco Valante is making it’s way through the internet.  Disco Valante has happened to find it’s way onto another all men booty appreciation site called More Cushion for the Pushin’.

If naked male booty is your thing, then this blog is most certainly for you. Please check them out and show them some love.

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