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Disco Valante and Jock Muscle Partnership

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Our friends at Jock Muscle have changed their business a bit.  They have move from the world of sports supplements to SEX TOYS!!!

Jock Muscle does a wonderful job of packaging their products and website in a very cool way!

Please check out their website and buy some toys.  They are running a 20% off everything promotion!  Simply place the discount code, JMXX, in the shopping cart box.  I hope you like!

Jock Muscle…SEX, TOYS, and NASTY FUN!!!

(At this time they only ship to the US and Canada)


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Jock Muscle Posts


Jock Muscle writes about gearing up your mind for a better body.  Please check the post out and browse through their webshop.

Now, you can also get automatic email updates and RSS feeds from the Jock Muscle blog.


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Silk scarfs are sooo bad ass!


Silk scarfs are sooo bad ass!  I know what you are thinking, “Who in the hell wears scarfs?”.

The first person is Fred from the cartoon Scooby Doo.  Fred was the alpha male pimp of the cartoon.  He was always off with Daphne getting busy while Shaggy, Velma, and Scooby did all the real work.  Secondly, the Marlboro Man.  American cigarette pop icon, Marlboro Man, was a roughneck cowboy who could drive cattle and drink whiskey like water.  And lastly, yours truly.  The creator of Disco Valante and Jock Muscle and the baddest mofo you’ll ever know.

Admittedly, I do get a number of stares because most people have never seen a guy wear a silk scarf.  However, the first rule about having style is you cannot look like everyone else.

I hear you laughing and saying, “Only queeny guys wear shit like that.”.  NO.  NO.  NO.  I would venture to say the more masculine you are, the better the overall atmosphere of style you exude while wearing a neck accessory like a bandana or silk scarf.  Style is about having the confidence to wear unconventional items that create a sense of coolness.

So cowboy the fuck up, be a man, and tie on a silk scarf.


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