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dv shipping flyer

In these trying economic times, Disco Valante is offering a FREE shipping promotion.

US orders of $50 and up – FREE SHIPPING

International orders of $100 and up – FREE SHIPPING

International orders of $75 – $99 – DISCOUNTED $10 SHIPPING


Pass on the word to your friends and help spread the word about this small company.


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Guys showing off their underwear


In the last 15 – 20 years, hip hop stars have made exposing your underwear a common and cool trend in America.  Sagging pants began in American prisons, where oversized uniforms were issued without belts to prevent suicide and their use as weapons.  The style spread through rappers and music videos from the ghetto to the suburbs.  Now, everyone does it.  This infectious style of pants wear and underwear exposure is displayed by twink skater guys, trendy streetwear fellas, pastel colored polo wearing suburban kids and even Japanese school boys. 

Is it ok to show a bit of underwear or is it vulgar?  I would be truly excited if I wear walking down the street or in a club and I saw some guy exposing his Disco Valante underwear to see…but I have a personal and professional interest in free publicity. 

Some conservative American communities have gone as far as rewarding fines to guys who expose their underwear. 

Is there something arousing in seeing a hint of waistband and fabric rising atop a guy’s jeans and exposing a closer look at his onion booty? 

Or has this fashion statement outlived it’s time and should guys return to non-low waist trousers that give aid to such underwear exposure?  Or does it really depend on how hot the guy is if it is acceptable?  🙂


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Do women like to buy underwear for their man?

I think buying underwear can be a truly personal experience.  If I’m in an underwear buying mood, I like to take my sweet time.  I hate it when a salesperson is invading my space trying to tell me what underwear they think would look good on me.  It is really creepy to me. 

However, on the flip side, when someone close to me purchases underwear for me, I think it is rather HOT…provided it’s not flannel boxers or tighty whites

I know most of the Disco Valante blog entries are directly targeted to men however, there are a few ladies that read this blog. 

Ladies do you like to buy underwear for your man? Is there a sense of hot sexual anticipation of buying your boy toy a new pair of briefs? Or is it, if you don`t buy them, that lazy bastard would keep wearing the same ratty ones with holes?

Fellas, do you like it when your lady buys underwear for you? Is there something arousing about your lady thinking about your little soldier enough to make sure he is well clothed? Or is she trying to control every aspect of your life including what underwear you put on?

Disco Valante wants to know how you feel. 

Also, for my gay readers, do you like your partner buying you underwear?


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Disco-san in Tokyo

Hello everyone!  Well, I`m in my favorite city, Tokyo.  I`m living in a capsule hotel in Shinjuku which is quite the experience.

Once again, I am apoligizing about not blogging very often.  Tomorrow, I will recieve the sample that should allow me to have the confidence in the manufacturer, pay the initial 30% production costs, and get this label off the ground.

This “business” vacation has been rather stressful.  My trip has been plagued with manufacturing setbacks and shady characters.  I will elaborate on both at a later time.

See ya soon

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United Colors of Disco Valante

Well, I’ve been agonizing over the color swatches from the Pantone catalog.  Blue just isn’t blue…there are like twenty different blues.  Which one is too bright?  Which one is too light?  Which one is right?  You can really go crazy…trust me.

Because Disco Valante isn’t made for my satisfaction but the satisfaction of my future underwear loving customers, I pose these questions, “Do you like the typical ‘blah’ colors seen in many other underwear companies?  Or do you long for more vibrant tones in your underwear that capture imagination and a hidden coolness that only you and your f*ck buddy know about?”.

I guess I maybe tipping my hand a bit in how I want you to answer.


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Are jockstraps the new “in” underwear?

I’m back!!!  Disco Valante has been out of the US for almost a year and I’ve notice something quite different.  In the last four days I seen eight different guys where jockstraps as underwear. 

Disco Valante hasn’t been hanging out in gay bath houses.  I was at two different gyms.  The guys were putting on their jocks with their street clothes after their workout.

Have I, the knower of all that is cool, missed a shift in underwear appareal in my abscence?

Fellas let me know what’s up!


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Are white boxers hot or NOT?

Sexy guy with white boxers and tube socks

I have NEVER owned a pair of white cotton boxers.  I just don’t know what it is about them but I possible hate them on the same level as tighty whities.  I’ll give it to the guy in the photo his pair look sportier (or maybe it’s just bunched up) than traditional white cotton boxers found in a department store.  However, I still just can’t bring myself to buy a pair.

Disco Valante wants to know if white boxers are sexy or just plain BLAH?


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