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Candid shots of a Disco Valante fan.



Disco Valante fan, Anthony, has sent us some shots of him sporting the Disco Valante “Thug Love” boxers.



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Disco Valante Update 10MAR09


Well the end is near my friends.  Here is a status of what is happening with Disco Valante.

1.  Photographer finished retouching photos. 🙂

2. Web Designer finishing up.

3. Graphic Designer is making banners for web advertisement.

I am soooo close.  I am currently looking at 20 cartons of underwear that the trucking company just dropped of on my door.  I want to tear the boxes open and roll around in my creation.

I have included another sample image from the photo shoot.  Check out Greg showing a small piece of his booty.  Tell me what you think.

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Disco Valante update 1MAR09


Hey, guys I’m sorry.  I know I missed another launch date.  However, I am sooo close.  Here is a status update:

1.  All products have been inventoried and stored in the warehouse

2.  Photographer is retouching photos.

3.  Web designer is working on the finishing touches of the web site and awaiting photos from photographer.

I’ve included one of the untouched images of the Disco Valante photo shoot held in New York City in January.  Please be patient with my ever sliding launch date. 😦

This week I will be releasing more photos and images of the web site prior to the launch.

Disco Valante


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Disco Valante Status Update


Disco Valante is another step closer.  Today, the shipment arrive at the inventory warehouse on Friday.  They must count thousands of pairs of underwear to ensure the proper amount.  This will take a few days.

The photographer is retouching the photos and will be completed by next Tuesday.

The web designer is working hard on flash pieces of the website and adding content.

The graphic designer is brainstorming on the loads of banners I will have spread throughout the internet.

This is my Dream Team.  These are the individuals that have helped me craft Disco Valante for the long anticipated launch.  I must admit, at times I didn’t know it was really going to happen.  Delay after delay and money concerns have been obstacles in my way.  I have come too far to quit.

To anybody who wants to start their own business, please know nothing goes as planned in the beginning.

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